Can you believe we’re half way through April already?  Where is the year going? Before you know it we’ll be planning Christmas and saying, “Can you believe it’s another Xmas already?  Where did that year go!”

So how are things for you ? Are you happy with where you’re at?

One of the things I find really helps me to stay focused and therefore not waste my time (and my life) is to live according to my priorities.  And that means my priorities, not someone else’s.  Yes, I have other people in my life and you know I’m a mother, so there are plenty of important things I need to do for my boys. But that’s my choice, right?  I choose what I do, what I spend my time on and what I focus my life around. And we all have that choice.  If we choose to spend our life focusing on the wrong things or living according to someone else’s priorities, that’s still a choice.  That’s your choice.

Every morning I do something that helps me stay focused on me and my priorities.  When I wake up I set my intention for the day and I choose what my personal focus will be. I then ask myself why this is important to me, because our reason for doing something is our motivation to stay focused.  Once I have set my intention and know the reason why, I prioritize my ‘to-do’ list around it. Am I doing something every day to help me move forward in my life?

And to help you focus on what you want, why you want it and then prioritize your to-do list, I made a one-page ‘fill in the blanks’ sheet for you to print out and use each day.   Stick it on your wall, on your fridge or in the front of your diary…anywhere you will see it and remember what’s important to you.


At the end of the day  you are the only one who can bring the things you want into your life.  You are the one who chooses to think, feel and do what you do.  None of us has a magic wand to make life perfect and so we need to build up our own happy life, one day at a time.  I hope this little worksheet helps you today, and many more days to come.  

Remember, time flies and if not now…when?  

Time flies