Do you know the difference between being fearless and being brave?  You might think they’re the same thing but they certainly aren’t.

A 3-year old child could be described as fearless as he jumps off the roof dressed as Superman, believing he can fly!  But that’s not very sensible, is it?

Being fearless often means being reckless and doing things either unaware of or despite the consequences.  A fearless person will do anything and everything because they just aren’t afraid.  Not many people are fearless and usually it’s not the most sensible thing to be anyway.  Being brave is what we want to be.

  • Being brave means that you do whatever you need to do, despite being scared out of your wits and shivering in your shoes.
  • Being brave means going outside your comfort zone to do or say something because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Being brave means sticking up for what you believe in, despite other people not agreeing with you.
  • Being brave means finding the courage to make change happen, even though you find it hard and challenging.

Being brave…it’s so much more than being fearless.

You can’t learn to be fearless (it’s something you are or you’re not) but you can learn to be brave.

How To Develop Your Bravery

  • Know what you truly believe in and why it’s so important to you
  • Fuel your internal passion for that belief
  • Have faith in your belief and a willingness to trust in it
  • Develop an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and use them to your advantage
  • Strengthen your self belief so every experience (good or bad) contributes to your personal growth and makes you even stronger.
It’s funny you know, that other people think we’re being brave just because we’re doing what we need to do to survive or make life better for ourselves.  But what choice do we have?  Well, you have two:
  1. Lie down and accept defeat
  2. Stand up and fight to live the best life you possibly can.
What choice are you making right now?

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