“In this busy day and age, it is very rare that you find a person that will take the
time to really reach out to you to help you, to listen to you and to give you a LIGHT to move toward. I feel that I have found that rare person in Lois McCullough! You give such great advice. I haven’t had a mentor in such a long time and I have needed my KICK in the pants! I send you a heartfelt THANK YOU for providing this course to open my eyes and heart to what I knew but needed someone else to get me going”.
“After doing your first training session, that night I lay in bed and as I was thinking about it and trying to go to sleep, the most peaceful feeling came over my entire body, and I could actually feel a release in my face that created a smile of relaxation. I can’t put it into words the feeling.  Also, you have me really, really, really think and ask myself questions that, at this time, some I can’t answer, but I know good is coming”.
“I’m so grateful for last night’s conversation with you. It touched me very deeply. Also, within half an hour, my son came to me and we had a really wonderful conversation because I used the ideas that you gave me”.
“I want to thank you for the time we spent on the phone. Speaking with you and then deciding to enrol in your program are the best things I’ve done for myself in a while. I now feel that with your help I can move forward and make real progress towards finding contentment and meaning for my life, and I am very excited. Thanks so much for the work you do!”
“Hi Lois, I really enjoyed our conversation. You are excellent and very perceptive. I will find time over the next few days to focus on all of the things that you mentioned. I really enjoyed our connection and I felt a bond with you”.
“Thank you so much Lois for your amazing work. I have been touched and encouraged more than you will know. Your efforts in this work are so positive and uplifting. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”
“Thank you! I think this is a wonderful gift for those of us learning to make a new way.”

“The most valuable thing that I’ve learned from this training is that the reason why my pursuit for happiness, contentment and a purpose for my life hasn’t been successful is that I believed that it had to involve “being needed by someone else”. I’ve spent most of my life trying to please other people as a way to fill that empty longing…that void inside of me. Now, from this training, I realize that the reason why I’ve always been so unhappy inside is because I don’t really know “me”. I’m anxious but also excited about working on these lessons to discover my own passions and what will motivate me. Thank you for helping me to work this out Lois.”

“One of the best things I got from the program is the insight to my own self…WOW…a big eye opener! I have really enjoyed this experience and have found it very helpful to me! Lois…you are a Life Saver!”