Do you think we ever truly make it there? By there I mean…our ultimate happy life.

It seems to me that a lot of people are never happy with where they’re at. They strive to achieve, to meet their goals, to improve their personal well-being and life, but do they ever stop long enough to realize they’ve actually made it there?

When you look back on your days and the years that have rolled around, you can see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved.  But while you’re ‘in’ it, often it feels like you haven’t moved an inch.  It’s a bit like when you haven’t seen a child for two years…”Oh boy, how much they’ve grown!” 

As we tick off our to-do list or achieve some of our goals, we often don’t stop to celebrate.  What do we do instead?  We shift the goal posts!  We’re no longer happy with that, we want more. It’s a never-ending and relentless search for bigger, better, healthier, wealthier, happier…

Taking some time to reflect on your journey, and being proud of what you HAVE achieved, is a really important step to happiness.

Yes, we should all strive to achieve more and keep stretching ourselves every day of our life.  But take a moment to think about what you have already achieved and how much you have already stretched.  It’s time to pat yourself on the back and say, “well done”!

Just a simple thing like that can make the world of difference to how you see yourself.  It boosts your self esteem and increases the positive energy around you.

By all means, move your goal posts but make sure you recognize and appreciate reaching each one before you do! 

Goal Achieved + Celebrate + Set Next Goal = Happiness