Thinking creatively does not always refer to creating works of art, e.g. painting, music or poetry.

Thinking creatively helps you get out of tricky situations.  Thinking creatively empowers you to think outside the square and make the most of every opportunity that comes knocking on your door.

It’s not what you have but what you do with what you have that makes all the difference.

Women are renowned for their ability to talk and when four creative women get together and have a conversation about how being creative impacts their life…you get one heck of an inspiring few minutes!  And we women NEED to talk because it’s not only therapeutic, it’s our way of processing our own thoughts.

My friends Trudi, Deb and Patti joined me the other day and we have quite a few things we want to share with you because Earth’s women are a fellowship and we want to include you.  So sit back, relax with a cuppa and come and join our chat.

How Can You Think Creatively Today?