Stressed?  Anxious?  Depressed?  Grieving?

All of these things are BIG problems for many people and if not brought under control, can take over your whole life.  It affects relationships, jobs, the ability to find true happiness and if it continues for too long, it can make you ill.

But what does it actually mean when we say we’re stressed, anxious, depressed or grieving?  It really is such an individual thing and no two people will have the same experience.  And even one person will not experience the same emotions each and every day…it’s a constantly moving tide and it can feel like you’re being tossed around on an emotional roller coaster.

There are ways we can successfully take back control of our life from these powerful negative forces and it all starts by finding out what’s cooking!

Tune in to Part 1 of this video series and I’ll explain to you The Recipe To Success and how you can use it to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and grief.

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  Part 1 Worksheet
Recipe cover

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