Lois & sons

If someone asked me to describe my life up to now, my first reaction would be to say that it has been pretty normal; I had a happy childhood, a good education, lots of wonderful friends, a great career, a loving husband, nice home…all fairly standard stuff.

But upon reflection, life has not all been a bed of roses.  I have probably been through more of a roller coaster ride than the average person — I lost several jobs when I was in my twenties, my mum died when I was 26, my husband died when I was 43 and I had a melanoma removed four years ago. 

My journey into the online world began four years ago, with the creation of a blog and my own personal stories of inspiration.  As more and more people from around the world reached out to me, I realized that there were so many people who needed help and hope, that I wanted to do something bigger…something that would benefit many more lives.  So I created the Happiness After Loss Summits and brought together lots of other inspiring and wise people who were willing to offer their knowledge and inspiration too.  With the success of these summits came the opportunity to personally mentor and coach people who were searching for a happier life after their loss.  Lois McCullough Mentoring provides personalized life skills coaching to help people emotionally and practically in their daily life, and gives them the tools and motivation they need to move forward with purpose and passion.

I do all this alongside my other job — mother of two boys!  I guess you could say I am also a cook, taxi driver, sports manager, education supervisor, disciplinarian and occasional comedian.  I love walks along the beach, spending time with friends and family, chardonnay and water-skiing!

Life is pretty darned great and I wouldn’t swap mine with anyone — the good bits and also the bad.

And what about you?  Send me an email and tell me where you’re from and where you’re at in your life.  I look forward to getting to know you too.

With love