Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years.  Sooner or later time has zoomed past and you can be left wondering what on earth you’ve achieved.

The key to achieving a lot in my life is that I focus on each day as it presents itself.  Every morning I ask myself what’s important in my life for today, and what I need to achieve today.  Not tomorrow, not next week, or have guilt about what I was supposed to do yesterday.  If I look after today then tomorrow I will be able to either move to the next thing, or add on to what I achieved today.  In the end, the future will continue forward because of what I did today.

Seven years ago I would never have believed that I would be where I am now but inch by inch, mile by mile and I’m here!  A lot of what I did wasn’t a conscious act of creation but if I was to have recorded every little milestone or achievement along the way, I’d be quite surprised just what I have accomplished.

Each today back then has turned into the today of now.

The biggest part of making change happen is keeping everything simple.  I set myself small goals each day and make sure they are achievable.  You can even start with setting just one goal and once you feel you have achieved that, set yourself another.  It doesn’t matter whether you’ve achieved one or ten goals by the end of the day, either way you’ve succeeded in moving forward and that’s something to celebrate.   It might be as simple as just smiling at everyone you see, but if that’s been lacking in your life and you’d like to achieve it, then that’s all that matters.

How do you guarantee you will achieve your set goal?

  1. Make sure your goal is very SPECIFIC
  2. Ensure you can MEASURE whether you’ve achieved this goal
  3. Set a goal that you know is ACHIEVABLE (don’t make it too big and set yourself up for failure from the start!)
  4. Your goal needs to be REALISTIC
  5. Make your goal TIME driven, i.e. when will you achieve this goal by?
  6. Break your goal down into ACTION steps, i.e. exactly what do you need to do each day to make this happen in the time frame you’ve set?

Here’s an example of a goal, using the principles above:

To lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks.  Specific…Measurable…Achievable…Realistic…Time driven.  

Now all you need to do is decide HOW you are going to do it and put your Action Steps in place.  

Yes, it does take discipline to do this and no, it’s not always easy!  But keep giving it your best shot each day and if you don’t quite achieve it today, there’s always tomorrow!